Scopello cuisine

During any holiday some time should be taken to taste the cooking traditions of the place, and everybody knows how this practice can be delightful and fulfilling in a land like Sicily.

You will be introduced to the best Sicilian typical products in Scopello too – in particular, you will have a lot of chances to meet the Trapanese cuisine, involving mostly delicious fresh fish with spices, as the Arabic tradition suggests, cous-cous, almonds, ricotta cheese, fruit and, of course, a unique melting of Arab, Spanish and Mediterranean tastes.

For breakfast, you may taste the world-famous cannoli or the delicious “genovesi”, typical pastry from the beautiful Medieval hamlet of Erice, filled with cream or ricotta cheese and chocolate, and drink a real espresso; but if summer’s being too hot and you want to freshen up, then you should try the typical Sicilian summer breakfast, brioche and granita. Granitas are very common and appreciated in the whole Sicily, and are still realized with traditional proceedings, with the most varied flavors (from coffee to fruits): very famous as well as delicious and peculiar is the jasmine flavored granita. Taste it with a croissant, and the morning will start with a good dose of energy and the relief of freshness.

Speaking of lunch and dinner, the dishes you will taste in Scopello may be the simple pasta with Trapanese pesto, a very original as well as delicious seasoning made with basil, tomatoes, oil, garlic and crushed almonds: try cooking it yourself, it takes only five minutes, but the taste it gives to your pasta is absolutely unique! If you want to go traditional, of course you may order “pasta con le sarde”, pasta with pilchards. But since you are in a place with a tonnara (for tuna fishing), and you are in the Trapani district as well, the most suitable dish for you to taste is surely “busiate al tonno”: busiate is a typical kind of pasta from Trapani, and fresh tuna from Sicilian sea… really must be tried at least once.

The most famous fish-based second course in Sicily is probably “Sarde a beccafico”, as well as a lot of recipes with coldfish. Ask for a good advice, in the restaurant, about a dish containing the freshest fish, arrived straight from the sea a few hours before – this way, you will be sure to taste a true typical dish with truly good fish.

Cous-cous is here well-known as well as in the whole Trapani area: one of the most evident marks (together with almonds, and a lot of spices) of the Arab and Byzantine domination in the first Century. Unlike the rest of Italy, where cous-cous is only served in ethnic restaurants, in the whole Trapani district you will find cous-cous upon almost any menu of any restaurant, garnished with fish, meat, vegetables, and served hot or cold. It is often found in bars and pubs during the happy hour.

Last but not least, sweets and cakes: in addition to the already mentioned genovesi and granita with brioche, and to continue with the Arab inheritance, we invite you to taste almond dough, used to cook a lot of different types of biscuits. The sweets and desserts you will taste will be mainly made with ricotta cheese, almonds and candied fruits: “cassatelle” are filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate. We also recommend ricotta cake, “campagnola” cake (sponge cake with ricotta and chocolate flakes on top), and Martorana fruit, a very famous dessert with almonds.

With your dessert you can have a good passito from Pantelleria or a Marsala liquor, while during lunch or dinner you can taste a good white wine from Trapani, Bianco d’Alcamo, made with Insolia grapevine. This is an average, DOC wine that you can buy from shops to bring back home the taste of the memories of a wonderful holiday.