Discover Scopello

Scopello is a small village situated on a hill overlooking the sea. There are only a selected few holiday homes Scopello and villas in Scopello, each of which surrounds a spectacular 16th century "baglio" (antique fortified construction with a large courtyard), nowadays hosting classical music and jazz concerts during the summer evenings. There is no shortage of services in this small inhabited city: there are restaurants, bars, banks, a post office, newspaper stands, medical emergency centres, as well as shops where you can find a selection of ceramics and typical local food produce.

It was the Arabs who initially founded Scopello, whose name appears to derive from the Greek "scopelos" (rock), the Latin "scopellum" (rock) and the Arab "iscubul iactus" (tall rock), above the ruins of the city of Cetaria ("city of tuna"). It was also the Arabs who renovated the tuna fishery, whose watchtowers have been built in the spectacular cove encircled by the surrounding stacks. The towers date back to different eras, in the past constituting an important element of the area's military defence. Today they offer a particularly charming addition to the landscape which includes nature, history and mystery. Scopello is the ideal place to spend a holiday in a home holidays Scopello, renting villas in Scopello with pool, a bed and breakfast Scopello or perhaps in more common accommodation in one of the rare hotels surrounding the village. As already mentioned, there are few villas in Scopello and few home holidays Scopello, and it is therefore always difficult to find availability, above all during the summer months. We therefore recommend searching for and booking Scopello villas, holiday homes Scopello, or a bed and breakfast Scopello, as early as possible.

Scopello is just a few kilometres away from Castellammare del Golfo, in the province of Trapani. With a particularly enchanting landscape, Castellammare is situated at the foot of a tall, lush, green mountain, between two beaches surrounding the spectacular castle, which looks over the sea and the small port. Just a few kilometres away, the stunning bathing beach San Vito Lo Capo can also be found.

The main natural attraction in Scopello is the Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro ("Gypsy" Nature Reserve): 7 km of paradise amongst nature paths accessible only on foot or horseback, with a pristine coastline, small inlets, and cliffs hanging over a crystal clear sea. There are over 800 rare and endemic plant species, nesting and reproducing approximately 40 species of predominantly predatory birds.

Scopello is also considered the perfect starting point for history and art enthusiasts, with two stopovers in particular not to be missed, : Segesta, just a few kilometres from Scopello, where the dorico-siculo temple is erected. A 5th century B.C. masterwork, the temple has been perfectly preserved and is the only one of its kind in the world to boast the peculiarity of having been built without any type of cover. Also worth seeing is the Greek theatre and the ancient city ruins all around it.

The other must-see is Erice, an inhabited city of medieval appearance near Trapani, with stone houses and blossoming courtyards, boasting the spectacular castello di Venere (Venus Castle), more than 60 churches and a breathtaking view...

Finally, renting a holiday home Scopello or Scopello villas, villas in Scopello with pool or a bed and breakfast Scopello, is also great value particularly for overseas guests. In fact, Scopello is just 30 minutes away from Palermo airport - Falcone Borsellino - and 40 minutes away from Trapani airport - Vincenzo Florio - Birgi.